Mini is a British automotive brand and is known for producing high-quality compact cars with exceptional comforts, style, drivability, and performance. While these vehicles are built to withstand the test of time, they may experience failure in many parts including the automatic transmission.

Whether your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, the transmission plays an extremely important role in the proper function of a Mini Cooper. It helps to control a vehicle’s speed and torque, or rotational force, allowing a car to move forward, backward, speed up, and slow down.

Automatic Transmission vs Manual Transmission

A transmission, also known as a gearbox, can be utilized with either a manual function or automatic functions. The manual transmission requires a driver to manually shift gears using a clutch pedal and shifting stick whether you want to speed up or slow down.

An automatic transmission takes the guesswork out of shifting by changing gears automatically with a clutch without any work required of the driver.

Warning Signs of an Automatic Transmission Failure

The automatic transmission is made up of several smaller parts that must all work together in order for the transmission to work as intended. When one or more of these smaller parts begin to fail, several warning signs arise to help the driver identify automatic transmission failure. Below are a few of the most commonly reported signs.

●      Strange noises in neutral: When your Mini is in neutral, it should not produce any abnormal sounds. However, if you hear a clunking or clicking sound when you put your vehicle into neutral, there is likely a problem with the transmission. Odd noises are often the result of low transmission fluid which acts as a lubricant for all moving parts of the transmission. Without proper lubrication, the added friction results in part failure and strange noises.

●      Gear slipping: When you are accelerating speed in your vehicle, an automatic transmission gradually shifts gears allowing you to increase speed. When there is not enough pressure from the transmission fluid to allow the transmission to increase gears, your vehicle will begin “slipping” gears. Drivers report feeling a jerking motion when the gears begin slipping.

●      Transmission fluid leak: Leaking transmission fluid affects the pressure within the transmission, not allowing it to function appropriately. It is important to get ahead of a transmission fluid leak as early as possible to avoid irreversible damage.

Causes of Transmission Failure in a Mini

The most common cause of transmission failure in an automatic transmission is normal wear. The transmission is made up of several small parts designed to work together to allow for proper function. When these parts begin to fail, it affects the functionality of the entire transmission.

Because Mini Coopers are very low riding vehicles, they are extremely susceptible to damage from hitting curbs, roadway debris, and hitting potholes.

Another common cause of transmission failure is low or leaking transmission fluid. The fluid is responsible for transferring pressure to various parts of the transmission system allowing the driver to increase or decrease gears as they change speed. When transmission fluid becomes too low or dirty, it becomes less viscous thus altering the pressure within the transmission.

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