Keeping Maintenance in Your Hands

When it comes to taking care of your European car, it’s important that you trust your mechanics to not only get the job done right, but to make sure you know what your car needs. At Milestone Motors, we believe in quality service with exceptional customer service so that you never have questions about what your car needs. Our vehicle health check not only makes maintaining your car easier than ever, it also keeps all the latest updates on your car right in the palm of your hands on your device.

How it Works

When you visit Milestone Motors, our mechanics will work with you to make sure we know & your car. Every make & model has unique service requirements and we want to take the time to learn your car’s needs and your expectations with your vehicle, this lets us create a custom service plan that keeps your car’s service schedule on your schedule.

From there, maintaining your car is as easy as one two three:

Drop Your Vehicle Off

Schedule an appointment at our shop and drop your car off.

View Your Health Check Report

Once our initial inspection & evaluation is finished, we’ll send you an update on what your car needs immediately and what we can plan for in the future.

  • Red(need attention now)
  • Yellow(need attention soon)
  • Green(doesn’t need attention )

Approve the Necessary Repairs

Whether you want to tackle everything at once or schedule separate appointments, our mechanics will work with you to come up with a plan that suits your needs & your budget. Before any work starts, we’ll give you an estimate on service time and make sure we have your final approval before we get started.

Better Service
Starts Today

Since we first opened our doors, the team at Milestone Motors has been committed to providing our customers with a superior experience. Whether it’s minor services or major repairs, we’re here to help so please, call or visit our shop today to learn more about our vehicle health check or to schedule service for your car.

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