When it comes to enjoying your car’s smooth performance,

taking care of your clutch should always be a top priority. With many small components making up your car’s clutch, wear & tear is always something to be aware of as the miles continue to add up. In BMW, MERCEDES & MINI vehicles, drivers expect a higher standard of performance and that means an even greater emphasis on taking care of your clutch. At Milestone Motors we offer drivers all throughout the Royal Palm Beach area a high-quality dealership alternative for BMW, MERCEDES & MINI clutch maintenance & repairs.

Signs of a
Slipping Clutch

With the level of performance associated with BMW, MERCEDES & MINI vehicles, when an issue is developing with your clutch, you will likely begin to notice warning signs including:

No matter what the issue is, our ASE certified mechanics have the experience needed to get the problem solved right. Our shop always uses the latest factory-grade tools & equipment available to ensure accuracy and back our work with our 36-month/36,000-mile warranty to guarantee your satisfaction.

  • Clutch Pedal Sticking
  • Engine Revs but Low Acceleration
  • Burning Smells When Revving Engine
  • Pedals Squeak When Pressed

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BMW, MINI Clutch Repair

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If you believe your car’s clutch may be in need of service, the team at Milestone Motors has you covered with quality service you can count on. We help BMW, MERCEDES & MINI drivers all throughout Royal Palm Beach and from surrounding areas like:

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