Can I wait for my vehicle while it is being serviced?
  • Our goal is to make the service experience as seamless as possible. To help achieve that goal, we have a complimentary pick-up & drop-off shuttle service via Uber or Lyft. Our service bays operate on an overlap system, what does this mean? The service bays are being occupied with a vehicle at all times, once the repairs are completed on that vehicle- the next appointment in line will be brought in for service. The vehicle has to be dropped off for service and/or maintenance.
What kind of oil do we use?
  • We use BMW & MERCEDES-approved fluid or fluids that have been proven to outperform the manufacturer’s recommended fluid.
When will I get my car back?
  • If the service being performed is basic maintenance (Oil service, fluid, filter, or spark plugs) you will receive the vehicle back the same day.
  • If the vehicle is in for a diagnosis, we will bring the vehicle in the same day it was dropped off & follow up with a detailed update by the end of the day.
Do we accept extended warranties?
  • Yes, please bring your warranty documentation for us to have the full details of the coverage.
Can I bring my own parts?
  • We provide 36 month / 36K mile warranty on all repairs performed. In order to provide this warranty, we have to supply parts. For this reason, we do not accept parts to be supplied. We do not perform repairs without a warranty.
Are we certified, from who & what certificate?
  • Our technicians are Level 1 BMW & MERCEDES Master, Full electric & Hybrid certified from BMW & MERCEDES NA. We attend training multiple times a year to stay up to date with the latest technology.
How much will it cost to have my vehicle diagnosed?
  • We perform an initial scope on the vehicle for the client’s concern. What does this initial scope mean? The initial scope is an evaluation of the concern. This includes connecting the vehicle to our factory BMW software and analyzing the fault data for patterns or frequency. Reviewing our archives for similar problems we have repaired in the past. Searching through our subscribed technical support data. Performing relatable test plans to draw a conclusion to repair the vehicle or data for what additional testing/disassembly is needed. If additional testing or disassembly is needed there will be an additional charge. The additional charge is relative to what testing/disassembly needs to be performed. The cost for the initial scope is $97.16 before taxes. This initial scope does not guarantee that there will not be additional testing needed. The benefit of having your vehicle serviced at a specialty shop is that 80% of the time we have seen the client’s concern before & in turn will help save money for the total cost of the repairs.

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