No matter what kind of luxury car you drive,

without a properly working engine you’re not going to be enjoying much luxury or much driving. Taking care of your car’s engine requires attention to detail & quality service to maintain the performance you depend on daily. Depending on the model of BMW, MERCEDES or MINI that you own, your engine will have unique service requirements that need to be closely followed. At Milestone Motors, our certified mechanics offer unrivaled engine services & repairs for BMW, MERCEDES & MINI vehicles all throughout the Royal Palm Beach area.

Signs Your Engine
Needs to be Serviced

It’s highly unlikely that your engine will suddenly fail without any warning and that makes recognizing warning signs even more important.

Identifying issues early on will help keep service times & costs down while making sure you enjoy the best performance possible from your vehicle. Some signs to look for include:

  • Loss of Power
  • Lower Gas Mileage
  • Weird or Annoying Noises
  • Engine Continues to Stall
  • Unusual Smells When Driving
  • Engine Runs Noticeably Rougher

No matter what issues you’re noticing or experiencing, the expert technicians at Milestone Motors are here to make sure your car gets the quality engine service it needs

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BMW, MINI Engine Repair

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Since day one of our shop, Milestone Motors has remained committed to providing BMW, MERCEDES & MINI drivers with complete engine maintenance & repairs. Located in Royal Palm Beach, our shop has also become the go-to for drivers in surrounding areas including:

If you’re noticing your engine underperforming or have other questions about our service programs, please call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment with our ASE certified technicians.

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