There’s no better feeling for a BMW car owner than turning on your automobile and hearing the engine hum and roar. The ability of your BMW to start with just one turn of the key is facilitated by the efficiency of the battery. The battery of your BMW provides the electrical power needed for the functioning and operations of different electrical systems in the car. No matter how often or hard you turn your ignition, the vehicle will not start if the battery is dead.

Several factors might cause your automobile battery to die. It might be a progressive decrease in power because batteries have a limited lifespan. It might also be a buildup of corrosion that causes the battery to drain gradually.

Since the automobile battery is heavily utilized, it’s only logical that such heavy use will wear it down over time. You may notice a variety of symptoms, including an illuminated engine light when your battery starts draining.

If your BMW battery is dead, jump-starting it is always the quickest way to get it back on track again. However, because the job requires connecting two vehicles with jump leads, you will need another car and someone to assist you.

How to Determine Whether Your BMW Battery Is Dead

If you try to start your vehicle and it refuses to start, then it’s most likely that the battery may have died. However, this is not the only reason why a car may not start. There are several other reasons for a BMW failing to start, so how can you be sure your issue is the battery?

Most car batteries can serve the owners for between 3 to 5 years, after which you must replace them with a new one. If you have an old battery currently, you might have noticed that it does not hold a charge as much as it previously did. This is normal, and it can be caused by extremely cold or extremely hot conditions that your car has experienced. In this instance, the best line of action is to change your battery before it fails permanently!

If your BMW battery runs flat unexpectedly, check to see if you left an inside light or any electrical component on. This is one of the most common reasons why car batteries die.

What are the signs of a faulty automobile battery?

There are three key indicators that determine the strength of a battery.

Failure To Start

The first one is having difficulty starting your automobile, as we’ve previously mentioned. You may notice that your BMW engine cranks more slowly than normal and takes a lengthy time to start.

Lose Of Electrical Power

Secondly, you may lose electrical power in your vehicle. The battery not only starts the engine, but also powers other parts like your radio, electronic windows, and A/C. If these items stop working the way they used to, then it’s a warning that the battery is about to die.

Dashboard Signals

The last and most visible indicator is a warning signal on the dashboard that resembles a battery. It might be caused by a malfunctioning alternator, a faulty starting terminal, or damaged wiring. If the light remains on when you’re driving, it’s most likely caused by your alternator, which is supposed to charge the battery.

What Should You Do If Your Battery Dies

The solution to this is totally dependent on the cause of your dead battery. If the battery is old or malfunctioning, it must be replaced. It is possible to perform this task at home with the necessary knowledge and tools, but hiring a qualified technician is the safest choice.

Let Our Experts At Milestone Motors Service Your Battery

If you notice any anomaly in the functionality of BMW Dead Battery Test your battery, you should take it to a trusted auto repair shop. At Milestone Motors, we have ASE-certified technicians that can carefully diagnose and fix any problem you may be experiencing in your vehicle.

Whether your battery is corroded or drained rapidly, we can help you detect and fix the cause. We have helped car owners from Palm Beach, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, FL, and the neighboring areas. Book an appointment now to have a taste of our high-quality service.

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