The BMW, or rather the Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, has been accorded a great level of respect over the years. Their reputation is for their classy, stylish, and powerful engines.

BMWs experience some failures which can be averted if noticed timely. These issues can also be fixed by experienced and qualified mechanics. A major issue facing this vehicle is clutch problems. For an observant car user or a driver, it is very likely to tell when the vehicle is experiencing a clutch issue.

The Clutch Is Important

Every manual transmission comes with a clutch assembly. This system is complex and temporarily stops the flow of power between the BMW’s engine and the transmission. It allows for the gears to be switched out to a higher or lower one, and then engages the power once again to propel the car forward.

Clutch Failure Diagnosis

As seen in every manual transmission vehicle, different components are assembled to make up the clutch system. Clutch issues or failure can occur when any of the components malfunctions. Components like the flywheelpressure plates, and clutch plates may malfunction and eventually lead to clutch issues in a BMW.

It is both time-saving and economical to patronize a certified BMW repair outlet to help detect signs of a failing clutch and subsequently have it fixed. However, from the signs discussed below, you would know when you have issues with your BMW clutch.

Engaging The Gears

The proper and effective function of the clutch is directly proportional to the vehicle’s transmission. When there is difficulty engaging the gears, there is a likelihood of an imminent clutch failure.

Once there is a noticeable resistance in trying to engage the gear from one level to another, it is best to schedule an appointment with a professional and licensed BMW mechanic shop. At times like this, it would be beneficial to park the vehicle and avoid driving it in order to avert danger. Call us for a tow.

Gears Slipping Out

When the gear transmission is slipping, it means there is likely wear and tear in some components of the clutch. You may notice this upon acceleration. You might also notice a looseness in the clutch pedal, as though there is no resistance.

Sometimes, slipping gears while operating your BMW indicates a clutch problem. This becomes most noticeable when you are trying to accelerate. Your best bet at times like this is to park the car and call it for a tow, for your safety.

Vehicle Not Accelerating Properly

When the gears are slipping, the vehicle won’t accelerate properly. Your BMW is designed with a limp mode. Your car may automatically engage the limp mode in order to preserve its more expensive parts when something is going wrong. When this mode is activated, you won’t be able to drive higher than a certain gear in order to preserve its parts. In this case, an immediate visit to our shop is necessary.

Clutch Pedal Vibration

Another common sign of a clutch issue is the clutch pedal changing in elasticity. As a BMW owner, you know how your clutch feels whenever you use it. You will become aware when the clutch pedal is no longer as flexible as it was. When the pedal shows signs of vibration or becomes either too flexible or too rigid, then a clutch failure is the main suspect. An immediate repair is needed from our authorized BMW mechanics.

Unusual Noise From The Clutch Pedal

The clutch system and its pedal are designed to be silent. It is concerning when you begin to hear odd and unusual noises. If you suspect your clutch is having issues, bring it to us for an inspection and diagnosis, where we will get to the root of the problem.

Milestone Motors Will Help

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