As the owner of a BMW, you’re driving a vehicle known for its solid performance as much as its class. A status symbol of the highways, you can always count on your BMW whether driving to and from the office or on family road trips. Unfortunately, at the end of the day a BMW is a machine just as all vehicles are and can encounter the occasional problem from time to time. One problem we often see is when the ignition module goes into failure. Let’s discuss the purpose of the ignition module, signs of ignition module failure, and where to go when your ignition module needs replaced.

Purpose of the Ignition Module

Your vehicle’s ignition module is responsible for the ignition control. Using input from the crankshaft position sensor or camshaft position sensor, the ignition module fires the spark plugs. These must all fire at exactly the right time for your engine to run properly. As with all components of your engine, the ignition module can go bad over time due to wear and tear from age and hot temperatures. Without the ignition module in proper working order, your engine can overheat, stall, misfire, and much more, making it difficult to drive your vehicle.

Signs of Ignition Module Failure

Should you encounter any of the below signs of ignition module failure, it’s imperative to take your vehicle in to be diagnosed and repaired by your trusted BMW service and repair center. A failed ignition module can make it difficult to drive your car or can even leave you stranded on the road.

●      Check Engine Light Illuminates: As with all problems related to the vehicle’s engine, the first indication you’re dealing with a faulty ignition module may be your check engine light illuminating on the dashboard. While the check engine light can illuminate for something as minor as not screwing on the gas cap tight enough, it’s important not to ignore this warning and get to the bottom of the problem, as it could be something very serious that could damage your engine if left ignored.

●      Stalling: Your engine may stall as the result of a faulty ignition module, which prevents the engine from getting the spark it needs to turn over and power on, making it a struggle to start your car or leaving it undrivable.

●      Engine Misfiring: Engine misfiring is another problem you may encounter as a result of a faulty ignition module due to an incomplete combustion. As the ignition module affects ignition timing, it can lead to your engine misfiring if it is failing, or your engine may run at low speed due to a loss of power, making it difficult to drive your vehicle.

●      Trouble Accelerating: If you hit the gas pedal and your vehicle begins to vibrate, shake, or jerk in an abnormal manner, you may be dealing with an ignition module issue. Your vehicle will struggle to accelerate as it combats a loss of power, making it dangerous to drive.

●      Loss of Power: Your vehicle may struggle to turn over and start, and you may find yourself making several attempts to get it going, only for it to die on you, leaving you unable to start your car and drive.

●      Temperature Problems: Your vehicle can overheat as a result of a bad ignition module. Initially, your vehicle may run with no problem, but can drastically rise in temperature very suddenly, causing your vehicle to lose power. The engine can cool off and start again, but will eventually reheat again and repeat the cycle.

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