One feature that makes a BMW such a desirable brand is the carefully-designed suspension system. The suspension in your BMW allows for a smooth ride on most roads you drive on, ensuring safety, comfort, and balance.

To maintain the efficiency and productivity of this component, regular servicing of the suspension system is required. Likewise, improper or inadequate servicing of the suspension system in your BMW could create a major issue with the car that would affect its function and make it unsafe for you as a driver. This demands that you know what servicing your car’s suspension system is and how to identify when it develops an issue.

Causes of a Suspension Problem in your BMW

Generally, the suspension system of your car can be affected by a variety of things, ranging from environmental to technical factors. These factors, if left to take effect without conscious and regular check, could take effect on your car parts and cause damage and danger.

●      Extreme temperature situations, like freezing temps over a long period of time, could cause wear to parts of your car. This includes the suspension system.

●      Potholes, bumps, and frequent driving on bad roads could stress the function of the suspension system, causing it to overwork under usually sudden pressure too. Sooner or later, this would cause damage to the system.

●      Frequent stops and starts while driving (commonly known as stop-and-go traffic) also is not healthy for the proper function of the suspension system of your car.

Thankfully, these causes can not only be avoided but also properly managed and controlled, lengthening the durability and efficiency of the suspension system of your car. If these causes have started to take effect on the suspension system of your car, you should seek the attention of our trained experts as soon as you notice any malfunction. Do not ignore this problem!

How to Identify that Your BMW Needs Suspension Service

The following are signs that your car is about to or is already battling with some suspension issues. If they are ignored, it could be dangerous for your car. They include:

●      Leakage of Fluid: The suspension system of your car is involved in the process of adding fuel and fluid supply to the engine. This necessitates the flow of car liquid through the system. When you notice leakage of fuel, oil, or hydraulic fluid from your car, it might be a sign of a faulty suspension system.

●      Dirty Springs: When the springs, struts, and shocks in your car engine accumulate too much oil after a long period, they become dirty and greasy. This might be a sign of a suspension system failure in your car. Do not ignore this, but attend to it by calling for the help of an expert as soon as possible.

●      Slow Response: When you try to make a turn, change gears, or increase speed but your car’s response is delayed, it might be having a suspension system issue. This can be dangerous, as emergencies can come up on the road which your suspension cannot respond to as designed. It is important to reach out to our technicians as soon as you notice this problem.

●      Engine Stagger or Lag: When the engine of your car staggers or lags, it makes a sudden resistant movement to whatever command you have given it, forcefully. This could happen as a result of the dysfunction of various parts of the car engine and its components, including the suspension system. To avoid worse issues, have your engine examined by a technical expert immediately, as this could be very dangerous for you if you expect to dart across a busy road but your engine cannot move the car forward on demand.

Get Excellent Suspension Service for Your BMW at Milestone Motors

Getting a repair for the suspension system in your car is an important issue that requires the expertise of a trained and experienced technician. Otherwise, it could provoke a more complicated issue.


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